During a year of volatile economic conditions, KPC has remained steadfast in our commitment to sustainably provide the energy and resources required for economic development and growth, while delivering sustainable benefit for the local communities, protecting the environment and values to our employees, business partners and shareholders.

Our sustainability approach is guided by our “More Than Mining“ philosophy and coal mining technical standard of Good Mining Practice that is translated and integrated into our core business strategy which we called “KPC Sustainable Business Practice Pillars”, which are: Good Corporate Government, Performance Improvement, Protecting the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Our People, The Communities, and Sustainable Partnership.

Our Pillars unite us around our purpose, strategy and key measures of success. It also states our values - KPC 7 values, which guide our behaviour and the decisions we make.

In 2015, the global coal industry is still in a unfavourable condition. The low coal prices, an even more fierce competition, and not to mention a more price sensitive of customers who demand for better quality products and services. On top of that, the public and our customers awareness and standards for sustainability practices have risen exponentially throughout the years. Thus bringing about a classic condition of our business needs to adapt with changing times.

Looking at all those challenges, KPC believes changes need to be made. However, we are committed to not taking any short cuts in achieving business sustainability. One thing we firmly believe should remain, or un-changed, is KPC’s commitment to become a good corporate citizen and to ensure the coal resources that we manage today can bring sustainable benefit for the future generation of the people here in East Kalimantan, and to the people of Indonesia.

To accomplish such goal, KPC embarked in a cultural change where we become a more customer-oriented organization, which ultimately made us raise our standard in sustainability practices.

All of these efforts to control and improve our internal operation has helped KPC in maintaining our business operation in a profitable manner, and at the same time enables us to continue to make a positive contribution to the economic, environment and social development of our host communities in Sangatta and Bengalon. This contribution includes employment opportunities, the purchase of local goods and services and the development of infrastructure and facilities, as well as tax and royalty contribution to the government of Indonesia.

In 2015, we voluntarily committed Rp 62.20 billion in community development programs that have a long-lasting and positive impact on the quality of life for people of Sangatta and Bengalon.

On top of that, we are proud to be announced as one of the 24 largest taxpayers of 2015 in Indonesia by the Directorate General of Tax of the Republic of Indonesia. This acknowledgement from the Government of Indonesia is truly one of the pinnacles of our journey and has made us at KPC a bare witness to the business mantra: “difficult times can bring out the best from people if managed properly.

As we reflect on our achievements in 2015, it gives us great confidence for the future. Our focus on sustainability within the philosophy of More Than Mining and the Membara Spirit, is delivering ongoing returns for our shareholders, provide long term benefit for the local communities and broader society, and supporting our work to respect and protect the environment.

We sincerely thank our local communities of Sangatta, Bengalon and Rantau Pulung, East Kalimantan for placing their trust in us and supporting KPC activities. To our talented, dedicated, and hard working employees, contractors, supplies and business partners for their hard work, dedication and continued commitment and focus to achieve sustainable improvement in every part of the business and day-to-day operation.

It is because of the support and commitment of all stakeholders, KPC is confident that we can grow and deliver values sustainably, responsibly and ethically, becoming more competitive and delivering sustainable benefits for the people of this country.

Finally, I believe that our approach must be constantly challenged and questioned in order to excel in the ever-changing global environment. Therefore, I would like to welcome all readers to convey your ideas and thoughts on our 2015 Sustainability Report and this website.