Vision and Mission


Indonesia's leading coal producer for global needs, delivering optimum values to all stakeholders


  • Fostering a culture that considers health, safety and environment in everything do
  1. Compliying with the prevailing health, safety and environmental laws and regulation.
  2. Striving to promote the culture of using best practice in health, safety and environment management.
  • Maintaining good corporate governance and promoting good corporate citizenship
  1. Promoting the implementation of transperancy, accountability, responsibility, integrity and fainess principles
  2. Being sensitive to the nation's philosophy in our day-to-day lives
  • Providing an environment for learning to achieves excellence and improve livelihood
  1. Encouraging employee self-empowerment
  2. Recognising and rewarding execellent performance
  3. Promoting dynamic harmonious relationships
  • Optimising value for all stakeholders
  1. Maximising shareholders return on investment
  2. Ensuring partners are recognised and driven for higher achievement
  3. Encouraging ownership, partnership, social acceptance and support of KPC operations
  4. Providing leadership in managing stakeholders risks