57 Cataract Patients were Operated in 2018

over 1 year

KPC successfully held cataract surgery for Kutai Timur community, last Saturday (11/8). The event which was held in Puskesmas (Community Health Centre) Sangatta Selatan was able to cure 57 patients from Kutai Timur.

The event was collaboration between KPC, Centers of Community Eye Health and Sport (BKOM) Samarinda, Kutai Timur Public Health Office, and Puskesmas (Community Health Centre) Sangatta Selatan. The event is Corporate Social Responsibility Program of KPC which has been conducted since 2003 and has been successfully cured 565 patients.

Supriyoto, residents of Rantau Pulung District, admitted that he was greatly helped by the program. Supriyoto, who is a worker in a palm oil plantation, asked KPC to continue the program so that more people are restored. “Hopefully, KPC could continue this social activity so that more people like me could be cured,” said Supriyoto.

Similar respond was expressed by Supriyati, a resident of Haji Masdar Road Sangatta Utara. According to Supriyati, the social activity of free cataract operation helped her and her family. Therefore, she hoped that the program could be continued next year. “The program helped me so much and hopefully KPC could be successful and more people could be helped,” said Supriyati.

Cataract operation participant this year were more than the previous years. The data from the committees showed that the total participant who registered were 131 people, unfortunately only 57 patients who were able to conduct the operation. At this year event, the committee was assisted by 4 doctors, 10 nurses, and 1 analyst. (*)