KPC Distributes aid and Sends a Rescue Team to Palu and Donggala

over 1 year

After the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Palu, Sigi and Donggala, on Friday (28/9), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) immediately dispatched the Rescue Team and sent logistic assistance. The Rescue Team was deployed by KPC since last Monday (1/10), while logistical assistance began to be sent yesterday, Friday (5/10).

The release and handover ceremony was held on Thursday (4/10), at the Office of the East Kutai Regent. Furthermore, these items were departed together with the assistance of the East Kutai Regency Government and other community assistance.

The External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) General Manager Wawan Setiawan said, KPC's logistical assistance was in the form of basic necessities, generators, emergency lights, tarpaulins, baby clothes and blankets. "The items we send are items that are very needed at this time," said Wawan.

Currently logistic rocks have been in Balikpapan and handed over with Balikpapan Mayor Rizal Effendi, Friday (5/1). The original plan, assistance was departed using TNI Herkules aircraft, but Airport Hangar in Palu was completely full so that aid was diverted using ships. Currently goods are being transported to Balikpapan port.

Meanwhile, from the report of Emergency Preparation and Response Superintendent Noldy Tambayong who left with the Rescue team to Palu, today their team managed to evacuate the bodies buried in the Mercure Hotel, Palu.

Today is the second day, the team works at the Mercure Hotel. "This is the second day we worked at the Mercure Hotel. Today we managed to evacuate one dead body buried in the ruins of a Mercure hotel building, "Noldy said.

The KPC Rescue Team in collaboration with the National SAR Agency (BASARNAS), began working to find victims at the Mercure Hotel since yesterday. The focus of their work yesterday, according to Noldy, made access to the inside of the building ruins. "Our team yesterday focused on making access to the inside of the building, so that we could evacuate two bodies today," said Noldy.

The KPC Rescue Team which left for Palu was eight people and added one doctor. The team was led directly by Noldy Tambayong, Superintendent for Emergency Preparation and Response.

The KPC Rescue Team is always dispatched to the disaster site, such as the earthquake in Lombok some time ago, the Padang, Yogya, Situ Gintung earthquakes and others. This team works under the coordination of the Rescue Team of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and BASARNAS. (*)