Children of Earthquake Victims Touched by KPC Employees' Attention

over 1 year

Children who were victims of the earthquake in Palu, were touched by KPC employees at the refugee camp in Petobo, South Palu. Smiles and joyful expressions emanated from their faces, especially when KPC and PMI held trauma healing or psychology social support programs (PSP).

Ratu Anjani Khairunnisa, a fifth grade student at SDI Al-Akbar Petobo, said that currently her school is damaged and her family's financial condition is unable to finance her school needs. "The condition of my school was damaged, collapsed, not suitable to be occupied. I need books, clothes, school supplies so I can study again, "said Anjani.

"My mother has no money for school needs. I studied in refugee camp with my friends. My teachers teach me, but also teach other schools, "said Anjani.

Anjani expressed his gratitude for the support of KPC employees for entertaining them and providing assistance in the form of school kit packages.

The same thing was conveyed by Fadil, one of the students in the refugee camp. He claimed to be happy to receive school kit assistance from KPC and East Kutai PMI. Her cheerfulness was seen in her face when the PSP activities and the school kit handover took place. "I am happy because I was given a good bag. I want to continue schooling, "he said.

Mirnawati, Principal of Islamic Elementary School Al-Akbar Petobo, said that the teaching and learning process in Petobo and other earthquake affected areas was still an emergency. In the Petobo area, according to him, only two tents are available. "So first, second and third graders are combined in one tent, and fourth to sixth class are the other tents," said Mirnawati.

Mirnawati expressed her gratitude for the support of KPC and PMI employees. According to Mirna, what is currently needed by students is equipment such as bags, books and stationery, as well as school uniforms including shoes. "Thank you to KPC and PMI. "At present our children need the support of school supplies including school uniforms," ​​Mirna said.

On this occasion, KPC together with the donation of employees along with the East Kutai PMI provided a package of school kits containing bags, writing equipment and drawing equipment, totaling 3,000 packages. (*)