Regent of East Kutai inaugurated Aid from KPC in Muara Bengalon

about 5 years

Isran Noor, the Regent of East Kutai Regency appreciated the social program of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) in Muara Bengalon. Appreciation was presented by Isran during a working visit to the Bengalon region. On that occasion, Isran inaugurated two aids from KPC, health service posts and police stations.

Specifically, Isran expressed gratitude to the KPC that concerned with public health in the region. "The government of East Kutai be thankful to the contribution of the KPC, particularly in the support of public health participated in Muara Bengalon," said Isran.

The same remark delivered by AKBP Edgar Panigoro, police chief of East Kutai Regent also accompanied the official travel of Kutim. Edgar appreciated the concern of KPC to participate in creating security in the Muara Bengalon. "The police post of KPC is a very useful contribution in supporting the security program area," said Edgar.

To build two facilities, KPC spent funds of Rp 250 million. Building area police post is 8x12m, while the health post is 5x8m. The land is belonging to the village which is oriented to the benefit of society. Second construction of the building is made of ironwood and meranti.

Related to this aid, Wawan Setiawan, Bengalon Manager Community Relations and Development (BCRD) said that the support through the CSR program in infrastructure as the participation of third parties in supporting the acceleration of development in the field of health and safety.

KPC also spent funds for other social programs in the region Bengalon. Social programs, among others, provision of facilities and infrastructure SD 006 and SDN 006 Filial, rehab of pond for 35 members of the group, rice seed and fertilizer aid to 15 ha of agricultural land, plant seeds of durian and rambutan, and the development of three SMEs for fish-based food processing industries , (Zulfa)