Sutomo: Thank you to KPC that I Can See Again

almost 5 years
  • 46 People Undergo Cataract Surgery and Pteregium in 2015
  • 409 people has undergone Surgery Since 2003-2015

Sutomo (74 years), unceasingly give thanks and gratitude to PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC). Not without reason. Both of his eyes that were blind because of cataracts, has successfully cured through annual cataract surgery program held by KPC. The program was the result of cooperation with the KPC Samarinda Community Eye Center (BKMM) and East Kutai Health Department and Community Health Center Pulung Rantau.

Sutomo undergo his second surgery, together with 46 patients with cataract and pteregium, in the 2015 program in Rantau Pulung Health Center, District Rantau Pulung, Wednesday (8/4).

"Both of my eye was completely blind because of cataracts. I could not see the world. I can no longer work to support my children. My life seemed meaningless at all, "said Sutomo after undergo the second surgery.

Sutomo almost discouraged because they do not have the money to cure his eyes. However, sincere prayer always provide a way out. "Thanks to our sincere prayers, in 2014, my left eye has undergo surgery on Bengalon at KPC program. After the surgery, my eyes immediately can see brightly that I could get back to my routine activity, "recalls Sutomo.

"Today, it is my right eye turn to undergo another surgery. For me, nothing could be more important, in addition to healthy eyes and the ability to see. Even I have possessed a lot of things, if I cannot see, I think it is useless, "said Sutomo.

Sutomo is grateful for the free surgery from KPC, because his children still need his helping hand. He admitted, four of the six children still dependent on him. Two kids are still in the second and third grade of elementary schools, one in vocational highschool class X and another one has graduated but has not had a steady job.

The same thing happened to Sri Yasit (60 years old), a resident of SP 1, Rantau Pulung. In the past three months, a mother of four children was not able to work anymore because both eyes are blind due to cataracts.

"My left eye has long been a problem so that could not see. Three months ago, it was the turn of my right eye got cataract that forced me to completely stop from my job in palm oil plantations, "she said.

Due to blindness, Sri Yasit could no longer help her husband, who worked as a farmer in the Rantau Pulung transmigration area. Whereas, his four children still dependent to their parent. Sri Yasit first child studies at STAIS Sangatta, while the youngest child is still in the fifth grade of primary school.

"I just wanted to be able to see again in order to help my husband working. Two of my children are still in school. They require the money from us as parents. Hopefully, I will soon recover from the surgery, "please Sri Yasit.

Cataract surgery activity is a routine program of KPC that conducted annualy since 2003. Up to now, there are 409 people with cataract and pteregium that has successfully cured. This activity is one form of corporate support for people with cataracts and pteregium to be productive again. (Silvester)

Activity tables of KPC Community Development Program of Cataract Surgery in cooperation with Community Eye Health Center (BKMM) Samarinda and East Kutai Health Department in 2003-2015.


Number of Patients

Health Center Location / sub-district

Doctor (Samarinda Community Eye Center)




Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Bengalon dan Kongbeng

Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Bengalon dan Muara Bengkal

Dr Zainuddin (RSUD Sangatta)

dan Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Bengalon dan Muara Bengkal

Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Rantau Pulung, Sangatta dan Bengalon

Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Teluk Pandan

Dr Henry Lasut  SpM



Sangatta, Bengalon dan Rantau Pulung




Sangatta, Bengalon dan Rantau Pulung

Dr Ary Umboh SpM




Dr Ary Umboh SpM



Teluk Lingga/Sangatta Utara

Dr Ary Umboh SpM




Dr Henry Lasut SpM



Rantau Pulung

Dr Henry Lasut SpM



Kabupaten Kutai Timur