Measuring the Independency of East Kutai Villages

almost 5 years

In March up to April 2015, three institutions namely East Kutai Regency BPMPD, in PT Kaltim Prima Coal, and PPDB STPMD "APMD" Yogyakarta collaborated to conduct a study to measure villages independency level. This study was started by discussion on concept, variables, indicators, and instruments that make a village considered as independent. In-depth discussions were held in

STPMD “APMD” Yogyakarta campus, East Kutai Regency Office, and East Kutai Regency BPMPD, as well as in PT. Kaltim Prima Coal Community Empowerment Office.

The next phase of this study was then continued by conducting a pilot project (tryout) in South Sangatta Village and Swarga Bara Village, which involved 20 personnel from East Kutai Regency BPMPD and PT.Kaltim Prima Coal, as well as 2 lecturers from STPMD “APMD” Yogyakarta. Aside from those 2 villages, tryouts will also be held in 12 other villages with a variety of village typology to ensure an in-depth overview can be studied before carrying this tryout in 134 villages in East Kutai. 

Measurement of village independency level has become very important as a self-evaluation for the village and at the same time can identify various flaws and weaknesses in the implementation of village governance, development, social and community empowerment. It is very beneficial for the village as well as other parties such as companies, NGOs, and universities to take action (treatment) on those shortcomings and weaknesses. Through this study, it is expected that other villages throughout Indonesia can achieve self-sufficiency.