Social Charity & Periska Care Movement

almost 5 years

PT Kaltim Prima Coal’s Employee Wife Union (Persatuan Istri Karyawan - PERISKA ) held a social program titled “Social Charity & PERISKA Care Movement”. This is the initial program for PERISKA management 2015-2017 period involving all divisions in KPC. The activity was held at Wisma Rechall Rayah, Swarga Bara (7/3).

Through this activity, PERISKA seeks to raise funds and groceries donation. Based on the committee’s record this activity managed to raised Rp 3 million. This fund will be distributed to help malnourished children in Kenyamukan area.

In addition, Local Bussiness Development (LBD), Community Empowerment (CE) team joined the event and provide socialization on entrepreneurship skills. Susi Apriatin as keynote speaker explained about various handicraft products produced by KPC coached community group which mainly consists of housewifes, one example of these handicraft products is products made from newspaper waste.

"KPC provides training all women who want to join. The output of this training can be directly sold, so they can add to their family income," said Susi while presenting these products.

Chief executive of the movement, Dewindy Safitri Ayu said in her speech that this activity was expected to have a positive impact for mothers and communities in Sangatta. "Fundraising and groceries donation, as well as socialization on entrepreneurship were the selected theme to kick off PERISKA activities this year. We hope that this simple gesture can have a positive impact for all of them," said Windy.

To brighten the event, friendly competition of slogans among PERISKA departments / divisions was also held. The spirit and excitement were displayed through attractive costumes and creative slogans performed by these ladies. (Ira)