Athelet’s Memory Kutim grab gold medals in Singapore Open Memory Championship

almost 5 years

Qonita Fitriannisa Riyadie (17) athelet’s memory from East Kutai, East Kalimantan won the championship in junior competitions category memory "Singapore Open Memory Championship". Competition fast and accurately in remebering, it was held in the Ballroom Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild, Singapore (14/3) followed 53 participants representatives from 10 countries

Brain exercise competition that bring into 10 disciplines such as remembering faces and names, random numbers, a sequence of words, pictures abstract, events and year, the order of playing cards are shuffled and others. Qonita won first prize in the seven disciplines and winner of two in two disciplines were compete./p>

That success drove him won eight gold medals consisting of one gold champion,the discipline of seven gold dan two silver. Commenting of the success, Qonita claimed thankful and grateful to all those who have helped. " Thank God I managed to become the championship in the junior category. Achievement gives thanks from the prayers of parents and a team as well as the guidance of the Association Memory Sports Indonesia, "he explained.

In the championship, Indonesia Memory Sports Association (IMSA) sends 12 representatives participants from Indonesia and four of them from East Kutai. Qonita addition, three other athletes East Kutai is Shafa Annisa (11), Aisha Nadine (11), and Nadia Aulia (9). All three are competing in the kids category.

Although not yet managed to become championship in the kids category, but the third athlete had won a medal. Safa and Nadine, each won two silver and one bronze, while Nadia is a newcomer youngest athletes won one bronze.

According to Yudi Lesmana, chairman of IMSA, in addition to the pursuit of achievement, participation of Indonesiateam in the international championship in Singapore is also intended to be warmed up for the world championship qualifier memory "World Memory Championship" in December 2015.

Before going down in the Singapore Open Memory Championship event, East Kutai athletes it has been repeatedly compete in the national championships and international memory, such as Indonesia Memory Championship, Japan Memory Championship, Philippine Memory Championship, Hongkong Open Memory Championship and last World Memory Championship in Hainan , China.

East Kutai athletes, it is not only become an ambassador for the region but also as pride of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC). A matter of fact, these outstanding athletes are children of employees of KPC which of course be part of a large family KPC. Qonita is the daughter of Zulfatun Mahmudah, External Relations Department, Safa idaughter of Riza Aris, Maintenance Department, Nadine and Nadia daughter of Shauman Saladin, the Department of Mine Optimisation