KPC Held PJI Training

almost 5 years

Welcoming the new management of Junior Achievement Indonesia (PJI), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) conducted training for teachers and student. Participants of the training focused on the students who actively involved in the organization. Since 13 years ago, KPC has been the driving force of PJI in East Kutai.

Located in Room J23, this event was attended by five schools and each teachers. The five schools among others, North Sangatta SMAN 1, SMAN 1 Rantau Pulung, SMAN 1 Bengalon, SMKN 1 North Sangatta and SMKN 1 Bengalon.

Also present as speakers, Utami Retno Anita Herawati and Widyasrini, representing the Indonesian PJI. For half day, they teachers and students about the student company simulation program.

According to Anita Utami Herawati, the concept of training should be fun so that students are challenged to learn business and product creation. KPC support for years also determine the success of the PJI program. " KPC for PJI showed that the vision and mission is in line between KPC, schools and PJI program in terms of business development, especially local businesses. Therefore, we would like to say thank you to KPC, "said Utami.

In response, Act. Managers Community Empowerment (CE) Gantina Genta said in her speech, entering the era of the Asean Economic Community (AEC), which will take effect in 2016, Indonesia's young generation. "We direct the children to be creative in making unique and varity products economic value in the company that they form in the PJI. These products are taken from the local wealth in East Kutai, for example Batik Wakaroros were successfully sold by the PJI team from SMAN 1 Rantau Pulung, "said Genta.

Genta wished, the products not stop there but it can be marketed through Olsabara so that people know about it. "Olsabara an outlet that helps people to sell local products and processed food. PJI products from each school will also be packed there, " Genta lid. (Ira)