Residents of Kenyamukan Village Learned To Make Fish ball

almost 5 years

April 2015 - Forum Pemerhati Masyarakat Pesisir (Coastal Community Observer Forum - Fopsir) with PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) and North Sangatta village-owned enterprises (BUMDes), held fishball and nuggets production training session using fish as the raw material in Kenyamukan village, North Sangatta. The training which was held in fishermen village lasted for 3 days, Monday to Wednesday (6-8 April).

Fopsir Chairman, Aleks Bhajo said that this training was held as a response to the needs of the fishermen in Kenyamukan village. All these time, fishes was only sold in the form of fresh fish, at a relatively cheaper price. If it can be sold in the form of processed fish such as fishballs and nuggets, it could increase the income of these fishermen families.

"Hopefully, through this training they can be more prosperous. Visitors and tourist visiting Kenyamukan are expected to buy this locally produced fishball as souvenirs. All that is possible if villagers of Kenyamukan are able to make these fish-based products,” said Aleks. Aleks is confident that this three day training can help all participants to be a fishball and fish nugget producers. “We are confident that after this three day training all participant will be able to make their own fishball and fish nugget,” said Aleks.

KPC Community Empowerment Manager, Nurul Karim said that KPC supports Fopsir in conducting trainings, due to the similar mission in managing the downstream industry of the fisheries sector shared by both parties. Nurul highlighted that aside than training programs, assistance after training is also an important phase.

Nurul hopes that collaboration between Fopsir, KPC and BUMDes continues and should be more active in the post-training assistance phase. "We hope this partnership continues up to the post-training assistance phase," said Nurul.

KPC, according to Nurul, is ready to help training participants to widely market their fishball and fish nugget products

Ahmad, Secretary to the Head of Sangatta Sub-District happily welcomed this training activities initiated by Fopsir and KPC. Ahmad hopes that this training output can improve community welfare in his district. "We would like to thank KPC, Fopsir and BUMDes. We hope this activity can improve the economy of our community members here in North Sangatta, "he said. (Silvester)