KPC Provided Building Infrastructure For South Sangatta Village-owned Enterprise (BUM Des)

almost 5 years

JUNE 2015 - PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) built one unit of Multipurpose Building, which will be managed by village-owned enterprises (BUM Des) of South Sangatta village, East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province. This Multipurpose Building is 28.3 meter in length, 15 meter in width, and 6 meter high, with total investment reached Rp 1.77 billion.

South Sangatta village leader, M Sjaim said that his village needs a multipurpose building to accommodate various community events. Previously, they have to pay Rp. 7 million or even more to rent a tent to accommodate wedding ceremony.

“Previously, whenever there is a wedding ceremony for example, our community member must pay around Rp. 7 million to rent a tent. This amount excludes security fees, utilities, parking lot, etc. And now, with this multipurpose building in our village, community can rent the facility with only Rp. 3.5 million. It is highly beneficial for our community, because we can save more than 60%,” said Sjaim.

Aside that helping the community to cut cost, the multipurpose building which dubbed “GSG Mulya Sari” also poses positive impact towards the safety of road users. “Previously, community events were held in the public street, it was quote inconvenient for road users. Now it is more safe and convenient because they now have this GCG which provided by KPC,” said Sjaim.

This multipurpose building will be managed by Village-owned enterprise (BUM Des) Mulya Sari. With this new multipurpose building, Mulya Sari BUM Des now has three units, which all granted from KPC, namely: drinking water refill station, compost management, and multipurpose building rental.

Mulya Sari BUM Des Director, Supriyonoto said that despite it was a relatively new facilities, the multipurpose building can generate an average income of Rp. 2 million per month. Beside that, five members of the local community have be hired as maintenance staff of the building. This workforce number is yet to include the workforce hired in drinking water unit and compost unit.

The Governor of East Kutai Regent, Ardiansyah Sulaiman appreciates KPC effort in the provision of multipurpose building for the local village-owned enterprise. "Thank you for the construction of this building. To the community of South Sangatta village I congratulate you all because this building is now open for commercial use. We wish that this new facilities will be beneficial for the community of South Sangatta village,” said Ardiansyah. (*)