21 Thousand Day Old Chicken Poults From KPC for Bengalon

over 4 years

A Devoted Service of National Champion

NOVEMBER 2015 - In this last 3 year since 2013, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) through Bengalon Community Relation and Development Department (BCRD), has distributed 21,200 Day Old Chicken (DOC) poults for the community in Bengalon.

BCRD Manager, Wawan Setiawan said that those DOC was handed over to 16 farmer groups. Ever since chicken farming was first established in 2013, KPC has been distributing 8,000 poults, followed by 4,000 more poults in 2014 and 9,200 poults in 2015.

Poultry farming, according to Wawan, was developed after analysing Bengalon’s local potential and resources. This effort was one of KPC committed action to improve Bengalon’s local community economic welfare.

Before those farmer groups were entrusted to nurture DOC, KPC first provided them with trainings, comparative study, and business motivational sessions. “The first trainings covered poultry farming and cultivation techniques which was held at Camp KPC in Bengalon. Afterwards comparative study was conducted to Marangkayu District, Kutai Kartanegara,” said Wawan.

Following those training and comparative studies sessions, poultry farming business is growing steadily. The number of both DOC and farmers groups are increasing. Along with this growth, KPC maintain and improve our mentorship. In 2014, another trainings were held in Bengalon, and in 2015 KPC support representatives from one of poultry farmers groups to attend artificial insemination training in Yogyakarta followed by comparative study to Bogor.

The hardwork of these farmers groups and intensive supported by KPC and East Kutai Service Department of Agriculture and Livestock successfully show good results. Menuai Bakti Farmer Group, one of the 16 assisted farmers groups was bestowed as Poultry Farming National Champion.

Menuai Bakti was appealed to National level after won similar championship in East Kalimantan Province in September 2014. “We congrats Menuai Bakti Farmer Group. Keep up the good work,” said East Kutai Head of Regent, Ardinasyah Sulaiman during poultry farming workshop in Bengalon, Wednesday, 2 September 2015. (*)