Segading Resettlement Transformed Into A Cultural Village KPC handed over General Facilities Building For the Communities.

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Women from the Cultural Village of Keraitan Village performs Nyolai, a local cultural dance during opening ceremony of Pelas Tanah

DECEMBER 2015 - Communities member of Segading village said that they are happy with their current home as planned by the Segading Resettlement Program in Keraitan Village, Bengalon, East Kutai. They are happy particularly because they can maintain their tradition and cultural heritage in their new home.

Keraitan Village leaders, Jumansyah said that local cultural preservation also has been carried out in schools through the development of cultural-based schools in the region. “The Education Office and KPC is developing this cultural-based school. This will a very goof program that will help preserve and develop local Dayak Basap’s tradition and culture.” Said Jumansyah during opening ceremony of Pelas Tanah, a local cultural event on last Wednesday (18/11).

Villagers of Segading Resettlement has changed the name of their new home area into Keraitan Cultural Village. There are 45 head of families who have moved in to the Cultural Village. “Currently, there are 45 households who called Keraitan Cultural Village as their home. We thank KPC for their support and assistance for our community.” Said Jumansyah.

Jumansyah hopes that all of the programs which supported by KPC, the local government and all related parties in the village can bring benefit for the livelihood to the villagers, including their future generations. “We hope these program can improve education quality for Dayak Basap’s community and at the same time preserve our culture and tradition. We hope that all of these efforts and supports can bring sustainable benefit to the community of Keraitan, including our future generations. “ Jumansyah explained.

During the Pelas Tanah Opening Ceremony, KPC handed over various facilities for the community which has been developed at the Cultural Village. This facilities includes village office, Regional Development Bank office, Village Health Center, school, mosque, Cultural Center, fish pond and fishing facilities. KPC’s Bengalon Community Relation and Development Manager, Wawan Setiawan symbolically handed over all those facilities to the Keraitan Village leader, Jumasyah, which also attended and witnessed by the Mayor of East Kutai, Ardiansyah Sulaiman. (*)