Vocational School Teachers Followed a Productive Teacher Training

about 4 years

A total of 17 teachers of Department of Mechanical Light Vehicle (TKR) from seven vocational schools (SMK) in East Kutai, participated in the Productive Teacher Training (TGP), in SMKN I Bengalon. TGP is providing trainers from Department of Maintenance System, Mining Support Division (MSD), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC).
Superintendent Maintenance Training and Development, Bustomi Asrof said the training will be carried out gradually for approximately one month. According to Tomi, the nickname of Bustomi Asrof, there are nine modules that will be given in the training.
Each module, said Tomi, will take about two to three days. "There are nine modules in the training. The nine modules are the core of the light vehicle systems, "said Tomi.
Furthermore, Tomi said, to achieve the best result from the TGP, they will provide the best trainers who are experienced. Generally, they have been teaching for the employees of KPC, at the Vocational Training Centre (BLK) East Kutai and become an apprentice mechanic training. They are Heri Prasetyo, Sabri Abdullah, Puji Santoso and Kristiyono.
Head SMPN I Bengalon, Puji Astuti Rahayu Effendi MPd said, a high appreciation for the role of the KPC for the advancement of vocational schools in East Kutai. "It is a very useful contribution. I appreciate the role of KPC," said Puji.
Puji further said that during this time, the teachers of Lightweight Vehicle Engineering are more theoretical, like a public school teacher. "However, with this TGP, teachers can better understand the practice of light vehicles. We believe this, because the trainers of KPC have high standards in teaching the learning modules, "said Puji.
Acting Head of Unit Area (UPTD) Department of Education, Abdulah justified, that the training of light vehicle systems for vocational school teachers, are needed in East Kutai. "Training is needed for vocational school teachers. So that teachers are not only theoretical, but really understand the light vehicle systems, "said Abdullah.
Abdullah admitted that KPC's role in the world of education in Bengalon, has been underway since 1998. "KPC has helped Bengalon since 1998 ago. I would like to express my gratitude. KPC is great, even though the price of coal fell, but the company still provided assistance. We wish KPC can continue to operate properly," said Abdullah.
The Manager of Bengalon Community Relation and Development (BCRD) Wawan Setiawan said, the era of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) today, requires that school-leavers can follow the standard of ASEAN. Training provided, according to Wawan, is one of the efforts to achieve the standard of the AEC.
"Teachers must now be able to follow the standard of AEC. I imagine later, graduates can work in ASEAN. For modules, we have designed to follow the standard of the AEC, "said Henry. (Silvester) 
Training Materials of Productive Teacher, Vocational School East Kutai
Package for Light Vehicle Engineering Expertise
1. System EFI and Common Rail
2. Injection Engine Diesel
3. Transmission Automatic 
4. Wheel Balance and Tyre Changer
5. Charging System
6. Air conditioning (AC)
7. Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
8. Power window, alarm and central lock
9. Ignition System