KPC has successfully held Cataract Surgery

almost 4 years

Cataract surgery which was held by PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) in corporated with Eye Health adn Community Sport Center (Balai Kesehatan Mata dan Olahraga Masyarakat - BKMOM) Samarinda on Wednesday (25/5) was successful. Until the last surgery on Wednesday (25/5), as many as 48 persons that was qualified has been successfully undergone surgery by the doctor team.

The patients that was met in the event location, in North Sangatta medical center (Puskesmas), said they were happy to pass the surgery. They hoped to be recovered soon and could see normally like before.

One of the patients was Hj Aisah, from Poros Kabo Road, North Sangatta. Eventhough the cataract surgery was not purpose to be able to work again, the 70 years old lady wanted to see her grandchildren after the surgery.

“Both my eyes could not see. But the doctor said my left eyes could undergo a surgery. I wants to see my children and grandchildren,” said Hj Aisah

Similar hopes also mentioned by Fathkur Rohman (36 years), from Munthe Road, Teluk Lingga Village, North Sangatta District. The man who is a driver admitted that he was happy to underdo the surgery on his left eye. The last one year, his left eyes was not functioning well due to pteregium. “I have waited quite long. For one year I had pteregium, I was in pain. I wanted to have surgery but i did not have the fund. I heard the surgery cost would reach Rp 5 million,” said Fathkur.

“Once I overheard the news of free social services held by KPC and BKMOM, I immediately registered. I am thankful to be able undergo this surgery. Thank you KPC and the surgeons that has done my surgery,” continued Fathkur. Fathkur hoped, after the surgery, his eye could work well. Therefore, he can be work as a water truck driver better. He wanted to support his children who were 7 years old and 1 year old.

Similar things also said by Oscar (29 years), a worker in a palm oil plantation, in Tepian Indah, Bengalon. A father of one admitted that he was happy to undergo a cataract surgery on his left eyes. Because of the blindness, he could not work normally.

“I am happy to had surgery on my left eye. I hope after the surgery, my eyes can work normally. For the last one year, I could only see with one eye,” said Oscar.

Until now, KPC has conducted 13 Cataract and Pteregium Surgery  in East Kutai Area since 2003. From this program, there are 457 patients has been healed. This program is part of Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) activity of KPC in community health.