21 Years Being TNK Partner, KPC Awarded

almost 4 years

The role of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) as a partner Kutai National Park (Taman Nasional Kutai/TNK), recognized by the Directorate General of Conservation and Natural Resources and Ecosystems (KSDAE), Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

In recognition, the Director General KSDAE give rewards in the form of a certificate to the KPC, coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day Sedua, organized by the TNK Center in collaboration with TNK partner and municipal government Bontang, in Bontang, Sunday (5/6).

The award is given by the head of TNK Nur Patria Kurniawan KSDAE representing the Director General and accepted by the Community Empowerment KPC Manager Nurul Karim.

Nur Patria Kurniawan said, KPC has become TNK partners for 21 years, since 1995. During this period, according to Nur Patria, the coal mining company in Sangatta, always committed in various forms.

"So far, KPC was very helpful. Already 21 years right?. KPC is often helpful. A lot of commitment to TNK, both in terms of funding, non-funding, or involvement in any activities and others, quite help us, "said Nur Patria after the ceremonial award.

Nur Patria hope, the award that has been given to KPC and TNK other partners, could further increase the role and participation of partners. "Hopefully with this good commitment, we can maintain and increase, thus ensuring the sustainability TNK exist, KPC also got tremendous benefits and society also benefit as much as possible," said Nur Patria.

Manager Community Empowerment Nurul Karim said after receiving the award, KPC's involvement as TNK partner, is a form of corporate concern to preserve the flora and fauna in the TNK. During this time, KPC's involvement comes in the form of funding for TNK conservation activities, support TNK tourism activities, TNK surrounding community empowerment and various other forms of support. (*)