Excellent Mining Water Management by KPC

almost 4 years

A number of North Sangatta community leaders evaluated that PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) mining water management is quite excellent and in accordance with the community’s hope. This it was stated during KPC Mining Water Management tour at PPS and Melawai ponds, Thursday (2/6).

“Technically we see and we have to admit that KPC mining water management is excellent and appropriate. Outlet water from the pond is clear. And we have admit and witness it ourselves, “ said H. Muhammad Ijamhary Datuk Singa, The Chairman of Kutai Timur Community and Culture Society.

Ijamhary is the initiator of this mining water management tour with specific agenda to witness KPC mining water management. This tour is conducted in relation with public perception that the main cause of water pollution in Sangatta River is source from KPC operation.

“I admit the management is good. I will bring this facts to community forums and I will explain this to the community members, that KPC has already have water management system in place, so water outlet is clean and clear,” said Ijamhary.

During this visit, Kutai Timur Community and Culture Society, chaired by Ijamhary, did not come alone. Also present at the tour, North Sangatta Head Villagers Durahman, representative from North Sangatta district, East Kutai Environmental Bureau, Civil Works Bureau and a number of head of neighborhood in North Sangatta.

North Sangatta Head of Villagers, Durahman said that mine visit to KPC is mainly focus to know whether water outlet from KPC is clean or not. “We do not want to point fingers. This is just a form of our care and interest to maintain Sangatta River’s water quality. The point is how we hand in hand maintain and care for Sangatta River. And as far as we witness here, KPC is doing it right and appropriately,” said Durahman.

Mining Service Manager, Anwar who accompanied the group during their mining tour, said that the community have nothing to worry about with KPC’s commitment in environmental management related to the company’s mining activity. “ What we are doing here, we do with sincerity. It is also our interest to safeguard the environment. KPC do not want to pollute our surrounding, including Sangatta River. The community does not need to worry. We will safeguard our environment, “ said anwar.

The mining tour group started their tour from External Relation office, Town Hall, Swarga Bara. They were received by General Manager External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD)  Wawan Setiawan. Upon welcoming the group, Wawan said that KPC mining process always in accordance with the government regulation and always implemented the best practice in mining operation.

Meanwhile, Yosef Palinggi, Superintendent Environment Monitoring and Compliance during his presentation at the beginning of the tour said that Sangatta River flow areas is totaling to 2000 Km2 and KPC operation area included in that river flow ares is merely 90.49 Km2 or only 4.5% of total area of Sangatta River flow area.

After that presentation, tour participants were guided to PSS pond, which is the biggest post that channels water to Bendili River. At PSS pond, tour participants directly witness sedimentation process and the clear water output from the pond. After PSS pond, participant is guided to Melawai pond, which also channels water to Bendili River. At Melawai pond, participants are highlight interested to know more about the function of labyrinth dam as the ponds main feature.

Kiagus Nirwan, Superintendent  Water Management said that, this labyrinth’s function is to extend water flow therefore sedimentation process will be improved. On top of that, with that labyrinth, mud collection can be done faster as this labyrinth also provide a gateway for our sediment boat units.