Visited KPC, CLP Hong Kong Limited Confessing Impressed

almost 4 years

Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CLP Hongkong), which is a loyal customer of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), on last Thursday (26/5) visited Sangatta. The arrival of the leading power companies in Hong Kong is in the context of field visits, discussions around the issue of CSR, safety, environment, employment and other global issues.

The delegation CLP Hong Kong, comes with a power of six people led by Caroline Lu, Deputy Director of Fuel Procurement and Admin. They are employees in the safety, environmental, procurement, and supply fuel, including Michael Cheung, Eric Chan, Wendy Chan, CH Wong and Steve Chan.

In this visit, CLP Hong Kong Limited would like to explore the various issues surrounding the KPC coal products, the issue of safety, the environment, employment and the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR). They were welcomed by Tina Mery Sirait, Tulus Siregar, Louise Pessireron, Nurwahidin Hasan and Wahyu Wardana.

Before touring the mine, CLP Hongkong group treated with the public presentation of the KPC by Tina Mery Sirait. After the presentation, followed by a discussion that focused on issues surrounding the KPC coal products, safety, environmental, labor, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

After a heated discussion in Prima Room, M1, Mine Site, the group were given a tour of the mine with interest of the Coal Processing Plan (CPP) area, the coal port and arboretum reclamation area in Swarga Bara, Sangatta.

In the area of artboretum, KPC's loyal customers planted trees. The trees planted are native trees, of meranti, among other lepro meranti (Shorea paquetiana), red meranti (spodocarpus boornensis) and wood garlic (endemic).

Manager Project Management and Evaluation (PME) Louise G Pessireron say, our guests are having different experience, when started planting trees of local species, meranti and wood garlic. To capture the moment, every tree planted is marked with their own names.

Tina Mery Sirait, Sales Operations Manager at the Marketing Division said that, in general, CLP HongKong parties was very impressed with the operation of KPC. Especially according to Tina, regarding CSR commitment, mine safety and environmental protection.

"They were very impressed and highly appreciated of the KPC operating system. Especially after understanding the CSR commitment, safety and the environment, "said Tina.

CLP Hong Kong Limited is a leading energy company in Hongkong. As many as 80 percent of the electricity demand in the country, supplied by CLP Hong Kong Limited. The company could be regarded as the pioneer of the development of energy service providers, because it has been started since 1901, or 115 years ago.

CLP become customers KPC for 25 years, since 1991. Until now sent a total of 29 million tons of coal over and 2016 is planned to reach one million tons. (*)