Break Fasting Moment, KPC Handed over CSR to Bengalon

almost 4 years

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) symbolically handed over three packages of corporate social responsibility program (CSR) worth Rp 420 million, to the community in Bengalon sub-district. Three packages were handed over at East Kutai Regency's Break Fasting event with Bengalon community, Monday (27/6).

Three program packages that were handed over in the form of procurement of medical equipment (Medical Devices) for Sepaso health center and five villages in Bengalon sub-district, procurement of office supplies of sub-district and Military Subdistrict Command (Koramil) of Bengalon, as well as the procurement of two units speedboat to Bengalon.

Acting Manager Bengalon Community Relation and Development (BCRD) Denny Pratama said that three program packages is a partial realization of the CSR program in 2015 ago and the result of joint planning with the village, sub-district and all stakeholders in Bengalon," said Denny.

On that occasion, Denny handed over three program packages to the East Kutai Regent Ir. Ismunandar, MT. Furthermore, Regent handed over any program packages to each recipient agencies.

Regent Ismunandar expressed his gratitude to the KPC, on the realization of CSR program for Bengalon community. The Regent hoped, what KPC has done can be an example for other companies. "We has seen part of the awareness of companies, especially from KPC. Hopefully, other companies are also following this. Moreover, in this fasting month, insya Allah the reward is increased because they are sharing in the month of fasting,” said Ismu in his speech to hundreds of Bengalon people.

A similar statement was delivered by doctor Agus Santoso, Acting Head of Unit (UPT) Sepaso Health Center, Bengalon. Agus, who received the package of medical equipment (Medical Devices) recognizes, the equipment provided was very beneficial for health centers and five village health centers in Bengalon.

"Medical Devices given by KPC is very helpful to us. If we expect funds from the government, it is very limited, so it can not touch that remote villages. We hope that this package can be directly used by our officers in the village, so as to serve the public as close as possible and as best as possible, so that the degree of public health is getting better," said doctor Agus.

Agus is detailing, Medical Devices that were received in the form of childbirth beds, inpatient beds, oxygen equipment, equipment for the medical examination of pregnant women  and some other equipments. "Everything is complete. This package for Sepaso health center and village health center in the South Sepaso Village, Muara Bengalon Village, Sekerat Village, Tebangan Lembak Village and Keraitan Village. So almost all of them get help from KPC medical devices," said Agus.

The absorption level of CSR programs in Bengalon, according to Denny Pratama, is quite high, nearly 100 percent of the planning on, July 14, 2015 and in Wisma Prima. These programs are the program that has been proposed in the Development Plan Des and Musrenbang, but do not have the budget.

"This is to support the government's work program of Bengalon sub-district and village government, which is in line with the development plans. We share program with the government. So, KPC supports and complements regional development," said Denny. (*)