East Kutai Head Regent: KPC is Still Needed By The People of East Kutai

almost 4 years

East Kutai Head Regent: KPC is Still Needed By The People of East Kutai


East Kutai Head Regent, Ir. Ir. Ismunandar MT said that, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is still needed by the people of East Kutai, as similarly for KPC who also needs the support of the people to ensure a smooth operation.

This statement was conveyed by Ismunandar during his opening speech in Iftar event hold by KPC together with the local government of East Kutai, community leaders, religious leaders and stakeholders of the company, Friday (1/7), at Al-Faroek Grand Mosque, Sangatta.

“This iftar aimed to strengthen our bond of togetherness because East Kutai still needs KPC, as KPC also needs the people of East Kutai to support the company’s operation, “ said the head regent who is also the former chairman of East Kutai Multi Stakeholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (MSH CSR) Forum.

Head Regent Ismunandar who attended the event together with his vice regent, Kasmidi Bulang, further explained that KPC has contribute majorly to the development of East Kutai region. Support and donation ceremony which was held at the event is just a ceremonial. “We all saw a ceremonial event of donation and support handover. But we all know that KPC has been supporting and contributing to the development of the East Kutai region and its people,” explained Kasmidi, who is a former Secretary of  the East Kutai Local Government.

As mentioned by the Head Regent, during the iftar event, KPC handed over a series of donation. These social donation were provided to four orphanages, one nursing home for the elderly, Sangatta City Sanitation Team, and Kutai Sengata Cultural Institution.

The donation provided during the event was totaling to Rp. 63.22 million. This donation was symbolically handed over by KPC’s General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (EDS), Wawan Setiawan, to representatives of each beneficiaries.

Wawan, in his speech, conveyed the company’s gratitude for the attendance of various component of the community at the event. Futhermore, Wawan who is an alumni of Anthropology Studies of Pajadjaran University, ask for support from all parties towards his leadership in the ESD Division can be a successful and fruitful period. “I hope the support from all stakeholders so that my time in leading the ESD division can be a successful and fruitful period, “ said Wawan. (*)