Aneka Karya Farmers Group successfully harvest the Watermelon

over 3 years

Aneka Karya Farmers Group successfully harvest the Watermelon

Eko Susiloaji, member of Kelompok Tani Aneka Karya (Aneka Karya Farmers Group) in West Sepaso Village, Bengalon sub-district felt so happy because of big success that they reached. They harvested 18,6 tons of watermelon in the last harvest season with the total area of three quarters hectare. For the upcoming season they hope that they can harvest up to forty ton of watermelons with the total area of 1,5 hectares larger.

Eko said that the collector’s sale price is pretty cheap Rp.3500/kg. Nevertheless, the big harvest quantity which reach more than 40 tons will give them a fantastic result Rp 140 million (10554USD).

For the total of four hectares of land, the Farmers have made the harvest plan and controlled the harvest season “In our group, there are four hectares of land planted with watermelon. But the harvest season should be not at the same time so there is no excess at the market” Said Eko.

According to Eko, watermelon is one of many varieties that they planted. Besides Watermelon there are cucumber, long bean, bean, squash, pare, tomato, and chili which they can harvest every two days.

Aneka Karya Farmer group consists of more than 20 farmers. This Farmer group has already partnered with KPC and district’s government and also local government of West Sepaso Village. “KPC helped us a lot, from cultivation system until facilities for agricultural productions. We are so thankful for support and cooperation from KPC’’ said Eko. 

As a form of gratitude to KPC and all those who helped this group, Eko spent some amount of their money to buy farming equipment which can be very useful for the farmers in his group. These farming equipment can also be used by other farmers who need it. 

Rudi Baswan, Head of Bengalon sub-district said that the collaboration between KPC, local government and local farmers in west sepaso village is appropriate. Because he planned that location will be vegetable center for Bengalon. KPC has already did a lot assistance for farmer in Bengalon and asked to keep improved.

Acting Manager Bengalon Community Relation and Development (BCRD) Agus Djaenal said, KPC will always accompany citizen in ever CSR program to improve agricultural outcome in Bengalon(*)