Tapioca Starch Factory Improves Rantau Pulung Economy

over 3 years

Tapioca Starch Factory Improves Rantau Pulung Economy

East Kutai Head Regent, Ir. Ismunandar MT, Tuesday (23/8), inaugurated the operation of tapioca starch factory which made of cassava, at Kebon Agung village, Rantau Pulung sub-district, East Kutai. That factory was built by PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) through fund allocation Forum Multi Stakeholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (MSH CSR) last 2015.

Factory with capacity of five tons per hour, start built early December 2015 and finished on June 2016. The constructor spent more than Rp1,25 billion. Until now that factory has produced 163tons tapioca starch and will be sold to East Kalimantan.

East Kutai Head Regent, Ir. Ismunandar MT said, the operation of tapioca starch factory could be the alternative of society’s income in Rantau Pulung, besides palm oil.

Ismu believed, Singkong Gajah could be one of society economy activator in East Kutai, because this could employ many workers. Besides, the cultivation technic is quite simple, so, all farmers could plant those cassavas easily.

Ismu admired the collaboration of cassava developing in Rantau Pulung which involved six villages through Badan Koordinasi Desa (BKD), Badan Usaha Milik Desa (BUMDesa), sub-district government, private party as organizer and support from KPC as development catalyst in east Kutai.

Although the capacity of factory has reached five tons per hours, but Wawan thought that the factory can only produce two tons of starch because of limited amount of drying area. Meanwhile, for monthly Production Target is about 100 tons of tapioca starch.

Daily Factory operational run with support by dozens Workers around those villages. Dwi, one of the workers said, in one day she can peel about 500 to 600 kilograms of cassava. Before she works for this factory, she was just housewife who stayed at home all day long, but now she obtains monthly income for her family.

East Kutai head Regent, Ismunandar, said the cassava development in that village really compatible with Government program which focusing from the bottom. From sub-district to higher area, the regency.(*)