Hasanuddin University’s Student Amazed by KPC’s Mining Area

over 3 years

35 students and two lecturers from south Sulawesi visited PT Kaltim Prima Coal (PT KPC) in Sangatta on Tuesday 30th August. The purpose of this visit is to experience the good mining practice which is the main characteristic of mining practice in KPC. 

These students were welcomed by KPC management at Wisma Rayah, with a lot of important presentation about mining technic, drill and blast, geology technic, and also environment management in KPC’s area. After the presentation, they were invited to join a tour to Coal Processing Plan (CPP), Pit Jupiter, Nursery, and also the reclamation area of PT KPC, Telaga Batu Arang (TBA).

Irma Pratiwi, one of the Students on this visit, was so amazed with KPC’s mining system. “Before I went to KPC, lecturers at Hasanuddin University told us a lot about KPC. I love the fact that besides mining, KPC also has lot of programs which is put attention to the environment”.

“My friends once said that mining process is bad for environment because mining activities changes the composition of the environment. Here at KPC, I experienced that mining company should carry responsibilities for post-mining land through its reclamation program”.

Umar Zulfikar, student of Hasanuddin University, also said that he was so excited with this visit and also environment preservation that KPC has made at Telaga Batu Arang. He hopes that other mining company will also do the reclamation like what KPC has done.

Dr. Ir. Irzal, MT, one of the lecturer said that mining visit is a yearly program that has been done by mining technic students of Hasanuddin University, Makassar, since 2008. The students were given to choose the mining location.

Muhammad Raizal, Superintendent Pit J, said that this activity is good for students so they can grow their knowledge about the real mining. The students can also compare between the theory that was given at the university and the real practice at the mining location.(*)