51 People Cured In KPC Cataract Surgery

about 3 years


PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) held cataract surgey for East Kutai people, Saturday (25/2). The activity was held in Bengalon and successfully treated 51 patients from East Kutai.

Suci Ambono (55 years), residents of Rawa Indah, Bengalon expressed his gratitude for the free surgery. "I feel grateful for the free surgery. Hopefully after the surgery, I could work again, "said Ambono.

Ambono is a welder in a car repair shop in Bengalon. In the past, he could not work properly because of his eyes’ conditions. "I worked at a car repair shop in welding section. I could not see clearly since I only use one eye. So, I am so grateful for this surgery. I thank KPC and the doctors, "said Ambono.

Subu Daeng Tallo, a resident of Km 10 Bengalon, also expressed the same feeling. As a farmer, in the past, Subu could not see properly because of his eyes’ condition. "I got information from my child and I immediately signed up for the program. In the past, I could not read and work normally. Hopefully, later on, after this operation, I will be able to work again, "he said.

Secretary of Head of Bengalon District, Ernawati, also said that the cataract surgery program helps the people who are blind due to cataracts and pteregium. "We appreciated KPC for this program. Beside cataract surgery, KPC also conducts many programs for Bengalon community. KPC often help people in various fields. We feel KPC contribution in Bengalon, "said Ernawati.

Syahruldin, Bengalon Manager Community Relations and Development (BCRD), said the cataract surgery was one of KPC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program since 2003. Up to now there were 508 people have been cured and become productive again. (*)