Clean Water Supplies From KPC Help Fulfill Water Demand for Sangatta

about 3 years

Another collaboration project between PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) and the Government of East Kutai has been completed. The collaboration project is the construction of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Kudungga, Soekarno-Hatta Road, North Sangatta.

KPC General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (GM ESD), Wawan Setiawan said WTP Kudungga uses water from Telaga Kenyamukan (Lake Kenyamukan) in Pit Jupiter. This lake holds water from the surrounding forest in Pit Jupiter area.

KPC had started the process by constructing pipeline from Telaga Kenyamukan in 2014. The pipe diameter is 450 mm or 18 inches and it stretches as far as 3.5 kilometers.

Wawan added the water from Telaga Kenyamukan has good quality, since it had been processed in settling ponds. On top of that, the water was sourced from natural forest surrounding Pit Jupiter. "It will help lower the PDAM (State-Owned Water Company) processing cost, because the high quality of the source of the water," Wawan said.

The inauguration of Kudungga Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was attended by the Regent of East Kutai, Ismunandar, Friday (17/2). The capacity of the WTP is 50 liters/second. "For this first phase, we are focusing on residents in Kampung Tator, Dayung road, and Soekarno-Hatta road. As for the government office in Bukit Pelangi, It will take turn after the second stage of 50 liters/second is actualized, "said Ismunandar.

KPC Chief Operating Officer (COO), Muhammad Rudy, expressed his excitement on being able to contribute to this clean water program for Sangatta. Rudy believes that clean water availability could improve the welfare of the society. "Congratulations for the inauguration of this Kudungga WTP. We are very excited to contribute to support local governments in order to meet water needs, "said Rudy.

"KPC is very encouraged by the fact that we can help to serve 4000-5000 new customers to enjoy clean water, a true direct benefit for the community we serve. Insha Allah, we will always be ready to support government programs in order to improve community's welfare, "concludes Rudy in the inauguration ceremony of the Kudungga WTP. (*)