Earned the Most Award in ICA 2017, KPC was awarded Grand Platinum

over 2 years

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) successfully had awarded 13 Indonesian CSR Awards (ICA) 2017 from the category of Mining and Energy Company in the award ceremony of ICA 2017 at the Balai Kartini, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday, November 30, 2017.

In this event, KPC won six platinum category awards, six gold categories, and got the best in Assessment Selection Phase I of ICA 2017. Due to the most awards achieved, KPC was awarded the Grand Platinum ICA Awards 2017.

In gold awards, given to ecosystem empowerment and conservation program and restoration effort of company's operational environment (Integrated Cow Husbandry or PESAT and Telaga Batu Arang), Olsabara as part of local competitiveness improvement strategy, mechanical apprenticeship, health cadres empowerment in prevention of infectious diseases HIV / AIDS and DHF, raw water support for East Kutai PDAM and Desa Mandiri program.

From platinum category, intended for 3R used oil  program and its utilization, fuel efficiency in mining operation, Prima Nirbhaya application in K3L management in KPC, renewable energy utilization in mining operation, application of Act number 21 year 2000 about union / labor union at KPC, as well as maintaining biodiversity in the mine reclamation area.

For such a range of achievements, KPC was also awarded the Grand Platinum Awards at the peak of the event as a sign of the implementation of the CSR program that meets the standards of ISO 26000; 2013 in the event held every 3 years.

The ICA 2017 ceremony was attended by representatives of heads of state, ministries, and related institutions. The Expert Staff of the Minister of Research on Technology and Higher Education for Infrastructure, Hari Purwanto, conveyed in his speech related to the vital role of CSR in advancing the nation "Caring to others, to our environment, to our grandchildren. No one left behind. Actually that's the essence of sustainable development. So I appreciate the theme taken this time is ‘One Earth for All Generation’, "said Hari.