KPC-Muhamadiyah Build Synergy

over 2 years

Help the Da'wah Building Supplies

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) builds synergy with the Muhamadiyah Leadership Board of East Kutai Regional. KPC’s support is in the form of   office equipment provision for Muhammadiyah new office, in Pendidikan Street, Sangatta.

The coal mining company located in Sangatta, on Thursday, December 28th, handed over a number of supplies to the Muhammadiyah Da'wah Building, namely 6 units of AC, 3 units of computer, infocus, 3 mattresses, 6 pillows, 6 rolls, 5 tables, 50 uchiwa chairs, 48 ​​folding chairs, 3 swivel chairs and 1 sofa set.

The goods are delivered by Acting Manager External Relations KPC Dano Mapi and being accepted by Mujahid Wathony, General Affairs Chairman V for Muhammadiyah of East Kutai.

Mujahid said the Muhammadiyah Da'wah building will be the center of Muhammadiyah's activities in the East Kutai area.  The activities include training activities, branch deliberations, coordination between Muhammadiyah internal institutions and other da'wah activities. Therefore, according to Mujahid, the existence of the building equipment is very helpful for the Muslims who are under Muhammadiyah.

"KPC's equipment assistances really help us. Moreover, this building is a new one.  We will do many activities here. Even for guests from outside the area can stay because there are rooms and beds available, "said Mujahid.

The existing internal institutions under Muhammadiyah are Muhammadiyah schools, orphanages and eight branch offices spread across East Kutai Regency.

Dano Mapi expressed his congratulations to Muhammadiyah who has occupied his new building. Dano hopes the existence of the building can improve the service of Muhammadiyah in terms of da'wah in East Kutai.

"We congratulate the Muhammadiyah for this new building. Hopefully it will improve the service to the people and increase the da'wah in East Kutai. As the company, we will support as along as to improve services for the community, "said Dano. (*)