18 MW of KPC Electric is Sold to PLN for The Community

over 2 years

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) together with PT PLN (Persero) of East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan (Kaltimra), has agreed with purchasing agreement of excess power. The excess power is sourced from coal-fired power plant operated by KPC in Tanjung Bara, Sangatta. It was marked by the signing of a sale and purchase agreement between KPC and PLN, at Blue Sky Hotel, Balikpapan, Monday (18/12).

Attending the event are General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Kaltimra Riza Novianto Gustam along with the managers of PLN Kaltimra. KPC is represented by General Manager of Coal Processing and Handling Division (CPHD) Poltak Sinaga, General Manager of Marketing Herlan Siagian, and a number of KPC’s managers.

Herlan Siagian explains, the negotiation process lasted since last March, and since then, the signing of the MOU for buying and selling excess power between KPC and PLN has been conducted. The electricity has now been enjoyed by the community through PLN.

GM CPHD Poltak Sinaga said that the power distribution of excess power was also encouraged by the government of Eat Kutai regency and the community due to the lack of electric power experienced by Sangatta and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, Riza Novianto Gustam, GM of PT PLN Persero would like to thank KPC for the 18 MW power supply. "With this 18 MW, it helps us in providing electricity and efficiency efforts. We are grateful for the synergy between KPC and PLN, "said Riza.

Furthermore, Riza said that PLN Sangatta region is still lack of electricity because it has not been connected to the Kaltimra electric system. "Sangatta and surrounding areas have not yet integrated with the system, still independent with electricity from local power plants. The capacity is small, so the supply of KPC is very helpful to us, "said Riza.(*)