KPC Supports East Kalimantan PORPROV

The East Kalimantan Province’s four-year sports event, the Provincial Sports Week (PORPROV), will be held in Sangatta, from November 27 to December 12, 2018. In East Kalimantan’s largest sporting event, 42 sports are competed in East Kutai.

While 10 other branches spread in the cities of Bontang, Samarinda, Berau and Balikpapan. There are a number of branches that are contested outside Sangatta, because the technical obstacles in the field are not yet available.

Of the number of sports competed in Sangatta, there are 13 branches supported by KPC.
The branches include soccer, golf, squash, cricket, boxing, muaythai, soft tennis, tennis, wrestling, basketball, pentaque, baseball and drum bands. KPC support is present in the form of field renovations and other technical assistance.

General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) Wawan Setiawan said, KPC fully supports East Kutai as the host of the VI PORPROV in 2018. In addition to the support of match venues, KPC is also a number of foster parents who competed in PORPROV and supported a number of sports when pre PORPROV (*)