Conservation of the Rare and Endemic Kalimantan Flowers

This program, as an implementation of Company Environment Policy related to biodiversity maintenance. This is also the implementation of one of PT Kaltim Prima Coal Mission which is fostering a culture that considers health, safety, and environment in everything we do. The policy implementation has an impact on increasing the awareness and enthusiasm of KPC employees and its contractors to act more environmentally responsible.

This program aims to conserve rare and endemic flora of Kalimantan. It is considered as rare flora since the status is critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, near threatened and least concern. Meanwhile, endemic flora of Kalimantan is a flora which comes from Kalimantan. Thus, since 2004 until June 2019, KPC has planted 1,370 floras in an area of ± 1.2 ha. The floras consist of 25 types, 4 types are critically endangered, 3 types are endangered, 4 types are vulnerable, 1 type is near threatened, 3 types are last concern, and the rest of 7 types are endemic flora of Kalimantan.

This program has impacts on: 1) sustainability of rare and endemic flora of Kalimantan; 2) improvement of air quality; 3) as a place for practice for students. The sustainability of rare and endemic flora is shown by an increase in the level of biodiversity and plant population per year. The improvement of air quality is in line with the increase of carbon emission absorption. The Arboretum Park is not only a place for practice for students but also the pride of Sangatta community. In addition to the diverse collection of rare and endemic flora, it turns out that the arboretum park can be easily accessed on the Google map mapping system.(*)