KPC Rescue Team Passes Various Hurdles

Six members of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) rescue and medical team, during a rescue mission for the flood victims of Jabodetabek and Banten, fulfilled their duties on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  During the week since last Saturday, January 4, 2020, a team consisting of one doctor, one nurse, and four rescuers, managed to handle hundreds of flood victims and logistic distribution to the Jabodetabek flood-affected areas.

Under the coordination of the Disaster Preparedness Team of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), the team worked day and night, traversing flood-affected areas.  “This is not an easy job.  Many roads and bridges were cut off.  When entering the sub-district and village areas, especially in Banten and Bogor, we have to walk long distances, “said Noldy Tambayong, Coordinator of the KPC Rescue Team.

More than that, according to Noldy, they also have to carry a stretcher when evacuating patients.  “More severe conditions do occur in rural areas in Banten and Bogor.  Many roads and bridges break up.  We have to guide patients who cannot walk to the nearest Puskesmas (Community Health Centre) to get medical treatment, “Noldy said.

Luckily the rescue team deployed to the location of the natural disaster is a team that has excellent physical and mental strength.  They are Noldy Tambayong as the Leader, Okta (rescuer), Gian (rescuer), Sulaiman (rescuer), doctor Suryadi, and Hendry (nurse).

Noldy said, while helping flood victims, his team did a lot of free treatment for flood victims and logistics distribution.  The first treatment was carried out by the team in Nunggul Sub-Village, Sukasari Village, Cipanas, Banten Province.

The next day treatment was conducted at the Cipanas Health Center Post, Lebakgedong Health Center, refugee center at the Hamberang Islamic Boarding School, treatment at Seah Village, Lebakgedong PKM Post, and Luhur Jaya Sub-district Health Center.

The rescue team continued to carry out this medical activity until January 10, 2020. The last activity was held in Sukamaju, Ciasahaan Village, Bogor, and Luhur Jaya, Cipanas.

Noldy expressed his appreciation and gratitude to his extraordinary team while serving in Jabodetabek and also to KPC who gave them this trust.  “Thank you to my extraordinary team and thank you to KPC who continues to have concern for fellow human victims of disasters throughout the country,” Noldy said. (*).