PESAT KPC Donates Two Thousand Bottles of Milk to Covid-19 Team

Support for the Task Force for the Co-19 Handling Acceleration in East Kutai District continues to flow from various parties. One of them, from the Integrated Cow Husbandry (PESAT) of PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC).

PESAT KPC in this case donated 2000 bottles of milk, in the form of milk shakes, to officers at eight Covid-19 Handling Posts in East Kutai. The eight posts consist of four posts in the North Sangatta Subdistrict, namely the Bird Statue Post, North Sangatta Camat Office Post, BPBD Post, Singa Gembara Village Post, and Swarga Bara Village Post. While the other three posts are the Teluk Kaba-Pertamina junction Command Post in the District of Sangatta Selatan, the Bengalon District Office Post, and the Rantau Pulung District Office Post.

General Manager of External Affairs and Sustainable Development (GM ESD) Wawan Setiawan said that the distribution of milk shakes was a form of KPC’s support for Covid-19 post officers.  “The post officers are the first door to prevent Covid-19. So it is not excessive, we support in the form of milk, so that the officers have better endurance,” Wawan said. According to Wawan, milk is one drink that contains vitamin E and iron which can boost the immune system.  In addition, milk also contains vitamin A, linoleic acid, and omega 3, which can increase the body’s resistance to infection with various diseases, inflammation, and allergies.

Yordhen Ampung, KPC External Relations Manager, said that the milk shake distribution will be carried out in stages, until June 2020.  “Every week as many as 200 bottles will be sent at a number of posts, until later in June 2020,” said Yordhen, Tuesday (5/5/2020). Head of Sangatta Utara Subdistrict, Basuni, expressed his appreciation for KPC’s support for officers at Covid-19 Handling Command Post.  “On behalf of the Regional Government, I thank you for KPC’s attention. Hopefully this adds nutrition for our team, especially for friends who are guarding day and night here,” Basuni said, while receiving the first stage milkshake, Tuesday (27 / 4/2020) at the Bird Statue Post.

Milk production in PESAT, according to Sugeng Wiyatno, Superintendent Post Mining Development, reaches 1,300 liters each month from 29 dairy cows.  This farm operation is managed by PT Yakin Sukses Bersama (YSB).  70% of milk is sold to customers in the form of fresh milk to several cafés in Sangata, Samarinda, and Balikpapan.  While 30% is sold in the form of processed fresh drinks (milk shakes) to visitors to PESAT and Telaga Batu Arang (TBA). PESAT and TBA are one of the mined land use zones in KPC.  In the past, the area was Pit Surya, which had been mined and reclaimed. (*)