KPC Hand Over Two Thousand Rapid Test Equipment

After waiting more than a month, finally Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) rapid test kit for the East Kutai Regency government arrived at Sangatta, Wednesday (5/20/2020).  Rapid test equipment that has arrived as many as two thousand units of the eight thousand planned.

KPC immediately handed over two thousand units of the rapid test equipment to the East Kutai Regency government.  The handover was carried out by GM External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) Wawan Setiawan and received directly by the Regent of East Kutai, as well as the Chair of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling, Ir H Ismunandar MT, on the terrace of the East Kutai Regent Office, Wednesday (20/5 /  2020).

“Thank you for the KPC rapid test assistance. Certainly it is very useful for East Kutai to stop the Covid-19 rate. Hopefully it will become a charity field for all ladies / gentlemen,” said Regent Ismunandar.

Two thousand of this rapid test equipment by the Regent directly submitted to the Director of Kudungga Sangatta Hospital Dr. Anik Istiyandari as many as 1000 units and to the Head of Health Service Dr. Bahrani Hasanal as many as 1000 units.

Bahrani said that the assistance was very useful and would soon distribute part of it to a number of Health Center in the East Kutai region.  While others are supporting the government’s plan to hold mass tests in a number of locations prone to Covid-19.

“The assistance of this rapid test tool is very helpful for the government, especially with the mass rapid test program that has been launched. The plan is that we will conduct mass tests in the most vulnerable locations such as markets,” Bahrani said.

Director of the Kudungga Regional Hospital Dr. Anik Istiyandari expressed the same appreciation.  According to Anik, the rapid test she received will be prioritized for testing medical staff at the Kudungga Regional Hospital.  “We prioritized this 1000 for a rapid test of our medical team. So far, the focus has only been on ODP and PDP, because rapid tools are limited. Even though the medical team is the most vulnerable group exposed to Covid 19. We are very grateful with the help from this KPC”  said Anik.

GM ESD Wawan Setiawan hopes that the KPC rapid test tool can map the positive reactive Covid-19 in the community, so that it can be handled earlier by the medical team.  “We hope that the support of this rapid test tool can map the positive reactive so that it can be handled earlier by the medical team in East Kutai,” Wawan said.

Wawan further stated that the two thousand units handed over today were the second phase, after in April 80 units had been handed over to the Health Office.  Wawan hopes that the third phase will soon arrive at Sangatta so that it can be directly utilized by the East Kutai medical team (*)