Swarga Bara Vendors showed Non-Reactive on Covid 19 Rapid Test

Covid 19 Rapid Test for 228 vendors at Swarga Bara Commercial Center, Sangatta, showed encouraging results since all of them showed non-reactive to the test. The results were conveyed by the Head of the East Kutai Health Service Dr. Bahrani Hasanal, after conducting the test, Tuesday (23/6 /2020).

“These overall results were examined through the Rapid Test method in Swarga Bara. There were 228 people examined and all of them were non-reactive,” said Yuliana Datubua, KPC Community Empowerment Manager, quoting the results submitted by Dr. Bahrani Hasanal.

GM External Affairs and Sustainable Development (ESD) KPC, Wawan Setiawan, expressed his gratitude for the good results.  “We express gratitude to God for the results of the Covid 19 test with non-reactive results. This is indeed what we always pray for and hope for, so that everyone stays healthy and free from Covid 19,” said Wawan.

However, Wawan cautioned that all people remain alert in welcoming this New Normal.  Based on recent news, there is currently a surge of new cases in a number of other regions and countries.

Therefore, Wawan requested that the Covid 19 protocol continue to be implemented and even improved.  “Covid 19 is still a serious threat to us. We must not let our guard down. Let’s improve our personal and family security so that we don’t become victims of Covid 19,” Wawan said.

Covid 19 test for Swarga Bara vendors is a collaboration program of KPC, East Kutai District Health Office, SOS International Clinic, and Sangatta Baru Foundation (YSB).  The goal is that the economic activity in Swarga Bara remains smooth, but safe from the spread of Covid 19. (*)