KPC Donates 150 Oxygen Tubes and 80 Regulators

Sangatta – The scarcity of oxygen has become a serious problem in the handling of Covid-19 patients lately. This is because oxygen is needed by patients with low saturation conditions.

As a form of concern, PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) immediately provided assistance in the form of 150 oxygen tubes and 80 regulators to the East Kutai Regency Government, Monday (16/8/2021). The handover was carried out by KPC External Relations Manager Yordhen Ampung and received directly by the Regent of East Kutai, Drs H Ardiansyah Sulaiman, M.Si.

Regent Ardiansyah during the handover event expressed his appreciation for KPC’s assistance in providing oxygen tubes and regulators to the East Kutai Regency Government. Ardiansyah admits that currently oxygen tubes and regulators are urgently needed in the midst of increasing exposure to the corona virus that attacks the residents of East Kutai.


“What we do know is that in this Covid condition, all parties must join hands. Corporations, government and society. Well, today we received oxygen tubes from KPC, complete with the regulator. I want to express my gratitude and I believe this is very helpful for the government in dealing with Covid 19. As we know that so many of our people are exposed need oxygen at this time, “said Ardiansyah.


Furthermore, the Regent asked the Head of the Health Office, Dr. Bahrani, who was also present at the handover ceremony, to distribute the tubes and regulators to hospitals and health centers, according to the allocation plan. “Please later, Pak Kadis (dr. Bahrani, ed) distributes to hospitals and health centers according to the allocation plan,” asked Ardiansyah.

Meanwhile, External Relations Manager Yordhen Ampung said that KPC’s support was a tangible manifestation of the implementation of one of the company’s basic values, namely caring. “We want to show our concern for colleagues who need oxygen in East Kutai. This is one application of the company’s basic values, namely the value of caring. We understand that at this time oxygen is very scarce, while on the other hand it is urgently needed by patients,” said Yordhen.

Yordhen hopes that the support of the oxygen tube and regulator will help the recovery of Covid-19 patients, so that the recovery rate continues to increase and in the end, the Covid-19 outbreak will completely disappear from our lives.(*)