2,682 People Received Post-Flood Treatment and the Covid 19 Vaccine.

Sangatta – PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), PMI, and the East Kutai Regency Government organized a three-day post-flood treatment and Covid 19 vaccination for 2682 people. A total of 533 people received free health services, with the majority of the remaining 2,149 taking part in the Covid 19 vaccination.

The post-flood mass treatment and Covid-19 vaccine activities were held at six different locations in the North and South Sangatta Districts, in six different villages. These locations include Singa Geweh Village, which serves 201 people, Teluk Lingga Village, which serves 561 people, and North Sangatta Village, which serves 608 people. South Sangatta, which serves 301 people, Swarga Bara, which serves 531 people, and finally Pinang Raya Village, which serves 480 people, are the other villages.

Wawan Setiawan, GM External Affairs and Sustainable Development, stated that mass treatment was one of KPC’s forms of concern for flood-affected residents. “We hope that by using this treatment, the post-flood health effects can be reduced,” Wawan said.

Wawan explained that the vaccination activities were combined with mass treatment in order to meet the East Kutai vaccination target as well as speed up the booster because it is required for travel outside the region.

In a press statement to reporters, the chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), who is also the Deputy Regent of East Kutai Dr Kasmidi Bulang ST, MM, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to KPC, PMI, IDI, and the Health Office for their efforts in making the social service activity a success.

“I especially express my appreciation and gratitude to KPC, PMI, IDI and the Health Office. Let’s increase this collaboration so that people can achieve good health quality,” said Kasmidi. (*)