Regent Appreciates KPC, PMI and Health Office Collaboration in Handling Flood Victims

 East Kutai Regent Drs H Ardiansyah Sulaiman, M.Si, praised the speed with which PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), East Kutai Red Cross, Health Service, and East Kutai STIPER student volunteers handled the Sangatta flood victims. The Regent stated this while reviewing the Flood Evacuation Command at Swarga Bara Sports Center on Sunday night (20/3/2022).

“I was reviewing the handling of flood victims at the Swarga Bara Command Posts. Alhamdulillah, the handling has been very good by KPC, the Health Service, and East Kutai Red Cross. I hope that all parties will continue to coordinate with the local government, such as BPBD, Camat, Kades and RT, so that the coordination can be one-way, “said Regent Ardiansyah who was visiting with the Head of the Kutim Police, Military District Commander, and Commander of the Sangatta naval base.

The Regent went on to say that the 2022 flood exceeded his expectations. The flood was worse than the major floods that occurred in 2001 due to heavy rain and high tides exceeding 2.5 meters. “This has exceeded all of our expectations.” “The flood condition exceeds the big flood in 2001,” said the Regent, reminding him to continue working together to overcome the flood.

Apart from establishing the Flood Command Post at Swarga Bara Sports Center and YPPSB school, KPC also distributed food packages to public kitchens in North Sangatta and South Sangatta Districts. The food packages provided were rice, eggs, instant noodles, mineral water, cooking oil, and sardines.

“These are basic necessities that we have distributed since yesterday. Today we will distribute basic food items to a number of public kitchens,” said Yordhen Ampung, KPC External Relations Manager.

In addition to building a Command Post and distributing basic food packages to a number of public kitchens, KPC has also dispatched a Rescue Team since the first day of flooding in the Sangatta area. There are six boats dedicated to assisting the evacuation.

The Rescue Team also provided water tanker trucks to clean a number of public facilities, including the Public Health Center, Sub-District Office, schools and mosques that were flooded. In addition, it provides 4WD cars and man-hauls for the evacuation of vulnerable groups, such as children, pregnant women, the sick, and the elderly.

“This is an emergency response effort that we carried out as a form of KPC’s concern and involvement in handling the Sangatta flood victims,” ​​said Felly Lung, Superintendent Public Communications of KPC.