Darnoso Joins KPC Cataract Surgery Social Services to Regain Productivity

Darnoso, a Bengalon City resident, was inspired to participate in the Cataract Operation Social Service, KPC’s CSR program in 2022, by the desire to be productive once more. Being the family’s backbone, earning a living, paying for schoolchildren, and being able to write and read are all memories for Darnoso. He is no longer able to function normally since being sentenced to blindness due to cataracts.

“I want to be able to see normally again.” Capable of reading, writing, and working normally. “I want to be able to move freely without being hindered by visual disturbances,” Darnoso expressed hope when he was approached at the Cataract Operations Social Service event, held at the Tepian Baru Health Center on Saturday (30/7/2022).

Darnoso is one of 36 patients who pass the cataract surgery screening in 2022. They also have the same expectations, want to return to being productive as before and not be a burden to the family.

According to Febriana Kurniasari, Superintendent of Community Health and Education (CHE), the goal of cataract surgery is to make cataract patients more productive. “Of course, the presence of cataracts in patients can interfere with and impede daily activities,” Febri explained.

“With this cataract surgery, hopefully you can see the world more clearly and do activities with more enthusiasm until you go home with a smile,” Febri said.

The East Kutai Health Service, the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (PERDAMI), and the Smile and Hope Foundation (YSH) are working together to make Cataract Surgery in 2022 a reality.

Dr. Eka Falintina Wati, chairman of PERDAMI East Kalimantan, stated that PERDAMI’s mission is to eradicate blindness in Indonesia, which is widespread, particularly in remote areas. “This social service activity is very beneficial because it makes our job easier,” Dr. Eka said.

Muhammad Yusuf, Head of the Health Office’s P2P Division, expressed gratitude to KPC, in collaboration with PERDAMI, PAMA, YSH, and several other hospitals, for showing concern for various health problems, particularly in remote areas.

Cataract Operation is KPC’s CSR Program since 2003. More than 600 patients have had their vision restored as a result of this program. They are back to normal and productive. (*)